Sapphire IrDA Utility Questions

Can I print graphics using this utility?

The Sapphire IrDA Utility allows printer specific escape codes to be sent to the printer. Some printers have different functionality than others so it is recommended that you refer to your printer's specification to find out what it supports.

I cannot print multiple pages at once

If you find your printing stops after a page or so, it is most likely due to the printer's buffer oferflowing. Please try the following to resolve this:

1. Reconnect to the printer at specific intervals. This will help clear the printer buffer.
2. Add a delay to your project to allow the printer to 'catch-up' with the application.

I cannot connect to my printer

It is common for the IrDA port to be shared with any bluetooth and barcode scanning devices. Please ensure that these are disabled before printing using the IrDA utility.