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About Sapphire Solutions Ltd

Sapphire offer services in developing bespoke solutions in a variety of areas. Such areas as Retail Stock Control, Parcel Tracking and Van Selling.

Solutions developed for mobile computers such as Windows Mobile (5.0 to 6.5) and Windows CE 4 to 6.

Complete Solutions also available including off-the-shelf products with desktop applications such as SapphireTrak.

Sapphire Solutions Ltd operates to provide a quality, reliable and independent specialist service in areas of handheld application design and development.

Specialist areas

  • Retail Stock Control
  • Parcel Tracking
  • Van Selling
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset Tracking

Development Skills

  • Microsoft VB.NET and C#
  • Microsoft eMbedded Visual Basic for CE
  • Microsoft eMbedded C/C++ for CE
  • Microsoft Visual C/C++
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Satellite Forms
  • Microsoft Access 2.0/97/2000
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • PHP, Java and Html
  • Oracle Database
  • Data Basic
  • 8080/6502 Assembly
  • Pascal
  • Penpal

The detailed Curriculum Vitae for John Clavey can be downloaded here.

If you feel that we may be able to help with your project, please get in touch. Details can be found on our contact page.

View our Route Accounting System Interactive Flash Demo at Route Accounting System.

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