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Orders by Bank Transfer
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Contact Details

Feel free to contact Sapphire Solutions Ltd regarding any of our products or services.

Address Details

Sapphire Solutions Ltd
4 Knox Bridge,
Kents Hill,
Milton Keynes.
MK7 6EA. UK.

Orders by Bank Transfer

If you wish to make your payment using Bank Transfer, please email "support" for our IBAN number. Please note that Bank Transfer orders usually take up to five working days to complete.

Email Address

Please address all emails to "". We will usually reply straight away.

Technical Support

If you require technical support regarding any of our utilities. You can either ask on our online forum or email your enquiry:

PAD Files

If you wish to add our utilites to your own web site please download our pad files here:-

RAS utility

FTP utility

GZip utility

IrDA utility

IMEI utility

Encrypt utility

SIM utility

Buttons utility

Mail utility

Battery utility

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