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Sapphire FTP Utility

Product Details
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Sapphire FTP Utility


Product Details

Sapphire RAS Utility Demo Application

Your application may be dealing with all different types of data files. These could be stock lists, orders, images; pretty much anything your application can store. But consider the need to transfer these files from your device to your server. In most cases you will most likely want to use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) since it’s been well established since 1985 and still going strong.

The Sapphire FTP Utility gives you the ability to add file transfers and directory management with an FTP server to your application. The utility is fully compatible with eVB, VB.NET, C#, Satellite Forms and Microsoft Windows and allows you to rapidly add FTP functionality to your application.

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Product Features

The Sapphire FTP Utility has a host of features that you can use within your application:

  • Open a session
  • Close a session
  • Upload and Download files
  • Transfer files in 1K chunks
  • Change the remote directory
  • Retrieve the current remote directory
  • Search for file and directories with attributes
  • Remove files and directories
  • Rename files and directories
  • Make directories
  • Upload and download directories and contents
  • Check if a remote file exists

You can download the latest demo version to see a fully working demo which you can reuse within your application as you see fit. This can be found on the download pages. The demo versions are fully functional and simply contain a popup message from time to time. These are ideal if you are selling your application to the client where you can be confident the application will work in practice and not just theory.

Sample Code

Implementation couldn’t be easier, simply declare the DLL function as a function within your application and call it as though you wrote it yourself. Here’s a sample demo on how to connect to an FTP server within VB.NET.

Dim lResult As Integer

Dim lPassive As Integer

Dim lTimeOut As Integer


If MsgBox("Connect in Passive mode?", vbYesNo, _
                     "Sapphire FTP Explorer") = vbYes Then

  lPassive = 1


  lPassive = 0

End If


lTimeOut = 10000 'Timeout in milliseconds

lResult = sFTPOpen(“”, 21, “user”, “password”, lPassive, lTimeOut, SapphireFTPLicence)

If lResult <> FTP_NO_ERROR Then

  MsgBox("Unable to connect to server" & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & _
         "Error: " &
GetFTPError(lResult), vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, _
         "Sapphire FTP")


  MsgBox("Connect to server", vbOkOnly, "Sapphire FTP")

End If

Royalty Free Licence

When you purchase a developer’s licence, you are free to use the DLL in any number of your projects and deploy it to all the devices to your clients. There’s no need for royalties based on the scale of your project, just a one off fee. You will also get 12 months email support and discounted upgrades for future developments.

Developer's Licence cost 499 GBP.

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