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Sapphire VIP Support Plans


Support Plan Details

The VIP Support Plans provide you with continued email support and automatic upgrades of your registered products within the support plan period at no extra cost.

You will automatically be supplied with each and every upgrade released for your licensed products during your support period. At the end of your support duration, you will be invited to extend you support plan at the renewal time.

You will be eligible to enrol onto the support plan if you have purchased or upgraded one or more Sapphire Utilities within the past twelve months. The Support plan will cover all utilities purchased or upgraded within the last twelve months. This support will continue and will include periodic upgrades during the support plan's initial period and any subsequent renewals of this support plan.

VIP Support Plan customers will be given priority on any support issues or potential enhancements suggested.

Purchase Options

You can enrol onto a support plan from our store front. Click here to go to our store front.

You can enrol onto a support plan for one, two or three years at a time.

1 year cost 199 GBP.

PayPal Purchase

2 years cost 299 GBP.

PayPal Purchase

3 years cost 399 GBP.

PayPal Purchase


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