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Satellite Forms

About Satellite Forms

Satellite Forms is a visual integrated software development environment (IDE) that makes it easy to create data-driven applications for Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile devices. Satellite Forms is an ideal tool for business and enterprise developers looking to build custom mobile applications, or to transform processes typically performed on paper to an electronic format for improved productivity and efficiency. Satellite Forms allows you to create usable, real-world applications without writing a single line of code. Even more sophisticated applications require minimal scripting or coding to implement.

Satellite Forms is also extensible, allowing you to add additional functionality and peripheral support using any of the 20 included extensions. Sapphire Solutions have also created extensions for most of our current utilities to support their use with Satellite Forms applications on the WinCE/Windows Mobile/Pocket PC platforms.

Installation of Utility (Example for SapphireRAS)

First Copy the SFE_SapphireRAS.sfx file to the Pocket PC Extensions directory this is typically found at             "C:\Program Files\Satellite Forms 7\Extensions\Standard\PPC_ARM"

Then Copy the SapphireRAS.inf file to the Extensions directory this is typically found at                                     "C:\Program Files\Satellite Forms 7\Extensions\Standard"

Then Copy the SapphireRAS.dll required into the "windows" directory on your device.

Then run Satellite Forms and "download" the SapphireRAS Demo.sfa demo application.

Utilities Currently Supported

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